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Unlimited cloud storage

Archiving is the functionality that allows you to use the cloud to permanently store your files and folders for posterity - independently of anything else.

For example, if you have a workbook or photo library that you know you won't need anymore, you can archive it. That way, you can save it for the future and save space on your computer.

Archived files and folders are independent of your backup and synced files, and you can of course share them with others directly from the Archive if you want.

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Storage in the cloud

Run out of space on your computer or mobile?

If you've run out of space on your computer, mobile phone or external hard drive, you can get extra cloud storage with us. The archive acts as an extra place on the web where you can upload and transfer files and folders that you want stored permanently.

With a free account with us, you get 5GB of space, but you can purchase unlimited space.

Unlimited space

No limit to how much you can archive

If you choose our payment solution, you can have unlimited space in the cloud. This means you can have backed up and archived files from all your computers, mobiles and tablets.

It gives you the freedom of not having to worry about how much space you have left on your computer.

unlimited space
privacy policy


We protect and respect your privacy

Our mission is to provide a simple and transparent service, always based on your rights. That's why we value and protect the privacy of all our users.

✅ We never claim ownership of your files.
✅ We never make money from your files and personal data.
✅ We collect as little data as possible and never use it for business.
✅ We store your data on secure servers in Norway and comply with GDPR.

3 frequently asked questions

Can files be stored permanently in the cloud?

Yes, you can. You can choose to archive files that you have backed up.

This means that they are copied to your Archive, which is where you can store files permanently in the cloud.

Can I save space on my computer?

Yes. Files that you have archived can then be removed from your computer.

They are still in your Archive and you can retrieve them at any time if you need them.

How is the Archive different from Backup and Synchronization?

Backup is the automatic backup of your files stored on your computer and or mobile.

Synchronisation is the way you can have the same files on several computers at once.

The archive is permanent storage for your files - independent of everything else. A bit like an external hard drive.