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Access files and folders between your devices and collaborate in shared folders.

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Synchronize files and folders

Synchronization makes your files and folders automatically available on your computers via the cloud. Both Windows and Mac.

Selective Sync (coming soon)

With Selective Sync, you can decide whether folders should be available offline on your computer or only online in the cloud.

Share and collaborate

Easily and efficiently share and collaborate on files and folders with friends and colleagues.

All file types - and sizes

Images, video, presentations, documents, spreadsheets, PDFs and more. All file types - and sizes - can be saved in Onlime.

See your files everywhere

You can access your files and images from anywhere in the world - on desktop, mobile and the web.

Multiple file versions

If you undo a change to a file, you can restore old versions of the file. We keep the five most recent versions of any file.

    Windows and Mac

    Organized and always available

    With sync, you can organize and share your files and folders in one place - and access everything from your devices.

    Selective Sync - coming soon

    Synchronization. Storage. Organizing.

    With Selective Sync, you can collect all your files in Onlime Sync and avoid running out of space on your computer. Choose which folders should be available offline on your computer - or only online in Onlime.

    Secure and private

    Your data is yours.

    Syncing with Onlime is secure and private on all your devices - no matter where you are in the world.

    👍🏻 We don't harvest or monetize your data.

    🔐 Files and folders are synced encrypted and secure.

    🌎 Everything is stored in our 100% green and secure data centers in Norway.


    We don't harvest your data - and don't monetize it

    Harvesting and utilizing your data is not part of our business model.
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